Medicare Advantage plans: Being aware of frauds and scams

It has become important for seniors from 65 years and above to check out Medicare insurance, Medicare Advantage plans (Medigap) and the rates offered. It is necessary for them to avail the best plan suitable to their specific needs and from a trustworthy insurance company. But in the process, they need to make a well educated decision, to avoid getting scammed. The market is full of fraudsters and scamsters, who may only be interested in getting money from the ignorant clients and provide them with ill equipped and costly plans. Being aware of what to do and avoid can help the senior to get hold of the best Medicare Advantage plans.

What is to be avoided?

One should not attend calls from unknown strangers or anyone claiming to be the Medicare company representative. They may probably be stealing the person’s identity. Seniors are vulnerable and are often targeted by fraudsters. Such scams do take place in almost every nook and corner of the country and the thieves do use Medicare for getting personal information of seniors to go ahead with their financial theft motives.

Tips to avoid scams

Following some basic methods can help seniors to avoid getting scammed when buying Medicare Advantage plans. Personal information should not be given over phone to any stranger or any person coming to the home. Only Medicare authorized personnel are to be shared personal and crucial information with. Company toll free numbers can be used to find out if the representative is genuine or not. If Medicare card is lost, then the company should be informed directly over phone and not to any stranger. There are hotlines introduced by all insurance companies offering Medicare Advantage 2019 plans to report any type of Medicare fraud.

Medicare Advantage plans 2019

According to FBI experts, seniors do not report frauds promptly, simply because, they are not aware where and whom to approach with the complaint. They are also ashamed of being scammed or probably even do not realize of their getting scammed. But with some helpful resources, seniors can now become careful and identify Medicare scams as well as know how and when to take appropriate actions.

  • A special committee has been introduced by the US senate on aging, with section devoted towards Elderly abuse and fraud.
  • The US dept. of Human & Health services for Medicaid and Medicaid services offer step by step process on how Medicare fraud is to be reported.

Medicare fraud is serious crime and hence, each and every senior need to be adequately informed to stay fully protected and has proper coverage.